Gold Package - I-OnAsia’s team will carry out extensive background checks on your chosen supplier of PPE or other related product. I-OnAsia’s award-winning specialised team will review the location, directors and current company structure to ensure the information you have been provided with is accurate.  I-OnAsia will also obtain known company records to verify the supplier’s profile. I-OnAsia will review in more detail all majority share holders, if able to be identified, and carry out litigation checks on these person/s along with detailed reputation checks. I-OnAsia will look at historical supply chain offerings and the company’s capabilities in providing large orders under the constraints of times and to the standards in accordance with your current order.

I-OnAsia will seek to identify any known or developing issues with the subject company and ensure the company has been in place for some time, providing confidence that the chosen supplier has the capability to deliver on the products set out and at standard required. I-OnAsia will carry out a single site visit to this location to corroborate initial findings of investigation into the subject supplier, their facility and observations. Interviews will be carried out with stakeholders to verify the operations currently underway, and the ability to meet required orders will be ascertained from the information.

In accordance with the Gold Package, I-OnAsia will carry out daily site visits to the location of the supplier and verify its premises and the goods being manufactured within the premises. I-OnAsia will ensure product timelines and dispatchment of shipment on completion of manufacturing process and provide daily updates. If required, a test purchase to ascertain the quality and standard of the product (subject to conditions) can be undertaken to ensure required standards are met prior to dispatch of goods.

On completion of investigation, I-OnAsia will provide a comprehensive report into its findings of the Gold standard due diligence investigation and further report regularly on observations and the progress of orders throughout. I-OnAsia will require a 75% retainer fee of the purchase order price prior to commencement of this package.


Supplier Due Diligence + Site Visit +
Daily attendance to ensure production targets and product meets standards.