Bronze Package - I-OnAsia’s team will carry out standard background checks on your chosen supplier of PPE or other related product. I-OnAsia’s specialised team of award-winning in-house analysts will review the location, directors and current company structure to ensure the information with which you have been provided is accurate, truthful and can be verified.

I-OnAsia will seek to identify any known or developing issues with the subject company and ensure that it has been in place for some time, providing confidence that the subject supplier has the capability to deliver the products set out in your proposed agreement. I-OnAsia will review any local litigation and carry out media searches to ascertain if the supplier has received any negative publicity, either through local media or local forums within the PRC.

On conclusion, I-OnAsia will provide a report of its findings into the due diligence of the chosen supplier within 48 hours to allow for quick and efficient approvals to be given in the supply process.


Supplier Due Diligence