About Us

With over 20 years experience in the region, I-OnAsia has a proven track record of success in due diligence and oversight of the supply chains coming out of Asia, ensuring that products that don’t meet standards are brought to the attention of the ultimate clients, who are able to take action, rectify identified issues prior to shipment or in a worst case scenario, cease orders or find alternate suppliers. Client Feedback - “No one else could have gotten this result”.

Having completed over 17,000 cases to date, I-OnAsia has in-house analysts that expertly know firsthand where advantages are taken in the supply chain, where mistakes have occurred previously and how to identify fraudulent providers who not only don't have the capacity to deliver on orders, but who are not reputable and are seeking to make substantial financial gains in a time of global crisis. Client Feedback – “It took you days when it took others over a year, excellent”.

I-OnAsia’s team of awarding-winning field investigators are able to compile critical information during site visits. This information is conveyed back to clients in accurate and concise reporting, thus providing the confidence that product development and execution can be achieved from a nominated facility with which the client is entering into an agreement. This information is vital in an emergency when supply chain activity is critical in the success of getting much needed equipment and supplies to front line teams. Client Feedback – “My client is very happy, thank you”.

ViennEast, headquartered out of Vienna, is an intelligence firm that supports governments and private enterprise facing these very challenges in Europe. Both organisations have come together at this crucial time to support their clients in providing a unique due diligence package on purchases for PPE and other resources coming out of the Asia-Pacific Region during this Covid-19 global pandemic. This approach is modern, motivated, progressive and professional ensuring the needs and expectations of clients globally seeking such products at a critical time are met, through robust and trusted due diligence procedures.